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Tournament Team SIgnup! REQIRED BY EVERYBODY !!!!!

NovaBlue / Sep 24, 2012

Right if you would like to lead a team Please put your name in one of the Empty slots on the doc!

Please do not sign up for a team likely Talk to other people in the guild before you write your name down. Decide between yourself who you want to play with.

I am not going to chase you for this if you want to play in a regular team with training and entering competitions then please make the effort to talk to who you want to play with and setting up similar time routines.

If you dont want to join a team because of time commitments and if you just wanna play tournys with guildies that is fine to just put your name down on last list please!

Please can everyone respond to this! It is required of all guildies!!



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Hey guys, im still back home till Friday, then ill be back online on Mumble and ingame. Kinda short on time last few days for GW2. I would be happy to join in the Big Natural Crits for President Team, if they would want me in the team, since i spent most of my time in the guild playing with the members of that team and i think the synergy was good.

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